Synthetic Video™



SMT's Synthetic Video™ system takes HD video source replays and synthetically transforms a single frame into a 3D platform for in-depth play analysis. Synthetic Video is the ultimate tool for breaking down performances, particularly key plays in an event, for an all-inclusive look at the action from the ground up. SMT has customized the Synthetic Video technology to satisfy the various needs of different sporting events, and it is currently tailored for baseball, basketball, football, motorsports, hockey, horse racing, UFC, and even Australian Rules Football. The versatility of the system, allowing unique viewing angles, animated simulations, and component maneuvering, serves as an essential utility for telling fresh stories about an event.

To give richness to the broadcast, the production team can manipulate the synthetic camera views to show alternate angles and transitions that are not normally attainable. Synthetic Video can bring the viewer down to field or court level to show players' perspectives and available passing routes, or if the situation calls for it, the system can animate above the field to break down the play and isolate key players using built-in telestration effects. With Synthetic Video Dual Cam, a replay can start at one camera angle and smoothly transition to a second angle to show a much wider coverage area and give the audience a genuine viewing experience.

SMT's unique Synthetic Video technology can eliminate irrelevant clutter in a replay so the focus of the commentary remains at the forefront. Components or players can be removed from the field, which is particularly useful in crowded events like soccer, motorsports, and horse racing. Or, selected players can be physically maneuvered about to accentuate calculated positioning or missed opportunities, which is a great resource for football analysis. The whole crowd can be diminished to isolate the action and maximize the impact of the replay. The system gives the production team a full range of telestration tools to work with to really enhance the coverage instead of forcing the technology to dictate the commentary. Coverage zones can be illustrated with accurate measurement data to help explain a defenders maneuvering or the offenses strategy, and there are various drawing tools available for interactive play reviews.