Digital Media

Social Media Content

Utilizing Sportvision's SCOUTrax technology as well as other custom analytics, Sportvision partners with league and network social media teams to post meaningful and insightful content pre, during, and post games on their social media channels.

In post-season 2012, Sportvision partnered with TBS during the first ever #Wildcard game as well as the #ALCS to tweet exclusive, never before seen storylines about the pitchers and batters. Thousands of fans started following @MLB_TBS and retweeted the custom content.

Live during the games, fans can see content on Twitter and Facebook such as batter power zones (who is hitting the ball hardest and where), pitch locations related to a batter's power, what types of pitches they can expect to see from each pitcher based on their season averages, how the pitchers' performance this game compared to their season averages as well as their opponents.

Custom content pre and post game can also be shared, including content such as team tendencies and player performance, which teams and players have the highest chase and take rates, where does each pitcher tend to concentrate their pitches for both left and right handed batters, which batters hit the hardest in the league, and more.

Partners can work with Sportvision to post on their social media outlets, using custom hash tags and templates. In addition, most content is also created for use on-air, pre, during, or post game.