SMT's technologies have been used for a number of national and international soccer events including the US National Team, the 2006 World Cup Qualifiers, the MLS Cup and the MLS All-Star Game. Sportvision's FOOTBALLf/x™ product provides a number of fan-friendly and relevant enhancements for television coverage of soccer/football matches, including the virtually inserted Offside Line, which enables the viewer to see exactly when and how an Offside foul was committed with a virtual, moving yellow line similar to American Football's 1st and Ten® line. Sportvision's BallTrack technology, which tracks the trajectory and speed of the ball, provides interesting data to enrich the broadcast and further inform the audience.

SMT's Synthetic Video system works well with a soccer broadcast since it allows players to be highlighted with X's and O's like a coach's chalkboard to emphasize offensive or defensive maneuvers. Coverage zones can be stressed with accurate SMT measurements in any standard for meaningful data for the audience, and irrelevant players can be dissolved from the shot to really hone in on the key action and eliminate any distractions from the commentary.