SimulCam / StroMotion



Partnering with the Swiss company Dartfish, Sportvision, now part of SMT, delivers the exciting SimulCam™ and StroMotion™ applications that allow fantastic comparisons between athletes and insightful dissection of play action.

Professional commentary gets real support with the SimulCam™ system that allows video from multiple replays to be visually combined into a single replay allowing a direct side-by-side comparison of athlete performances. SMT furnishes this technology for a variety of sports including Football and the NFL Combine, and it is particularly exciting to watch during the Olympics when minute flaws can keep a competitor off the medal stand. Split screens have historically been used to offer the same type of service, but there is nothing quite like seeing a skier racing down a hill with the ghost of the leader quickly approaching from behind.

When a ball or other component is particularly important in a sport, like bowling for an example, StroMotion's™ incredible frame by frame breakdown gives commentators visual support of their ball movement analysis. An athlete's approach, swing, or delivery can also be pared down for insightful visuals and intriguing observations. A diver's full performance can be shown in a single shot for an incredible look at their technique that may otherwise be missed by the audience. Sportvision has provided this technology for Olympic broadcasts, Summer and Winter X Games, as well as a host of other action sporting events.

SMT's broadcast experience and operator knowledge maximizes the effectiveness of these replay packages, especially since they can be paired with other Sportvision developed technology and data collection systems.