Sportvision’s SCOUTrax technology is a remote and in-studio scouting tool and storyline generator. It is based on the same dataset used by all 30 MLB front offices to evaluate, scout and analyze players. SCOUTrax combines data from Sportvision’s PITCHf/x, HITf/x, & COMMANDf/x products to tell dozens of new stories such as who is hitting the ball hardest and where, what types of pitches are being used in which counts, who pitches the fastest fastballs, what are a pitcher’s seasonal averages, and more.

SCOUTrax data updates live during the game as well as connects to Sportvision’s pitch and hit database tracking back to 2008. This enables broadcasters and analysts to compare historical performance over time to the present game.

SCOUTrax outputs come in multiple formats for analysis, including custom reports sent electronically to partners to fully rendered graphics that integrate directly with production’s character generator (via a simple plug-in on Chyron, Lyric versions 7.1 and above). SCOUTrax also presents multiple sponsorship opportunities through new graphic elements.