Underscoring the technology used for revolutionary innovations such as SMT's Emmy-Award winning Yellow 1st & Ten® Line and RACEf/x™ System for NASCAR, the LiveLine™ System overlays geo-positioned lines and data streams at an accuracy of within an inch on live race course video shots that are taken from rapidly moving helicopter and water-based platforms. This system serves to more effectively educate the global viewing audience by providing analysts with more tools, via visuals & graphics, to support their commentary.

Between 1 and 3 helicopters fly overhead with a high-end camera to capture video, along with a super-precise GPS and an inertial navigation system that determines the chopper’s location, altitude, roll, pitch, and yaw. The video and positional data gets transmitted to the command center, where it is used in the live broadcast and to maintain a detailed schematic of every element on the course.

Each vessel has what looks like a rounded horn protruding from its stern. Inside, there’s a microphone, a camera, and a GPS unit that, with the help of inertial measurements, tracks the craft’s location to within 2 centimeters. There are two additional microphones and three more cameras placed around the boat. A microwave antenna on the top of the mast beams the feeds to shore.

Photos and some content courtesy of Wired online: