Optical Player Tracking

In partnership with Hego US and FOX Sports, SMT delivers a new graphics system that helps broadcasters visualize personnel changes on the field, call attention to interesting match-ups, and dissect and analyze plays in new ways.

Especially with wide angle shots, it can be difficult for fans to see who is lined up left or right, who is back to receive the punt, or who is lined up in the slot. Optical player tracking enables new on-air enhancements to help fans track the action in real-time, much like they do today in NASCAR via RACEf/x pointers and graphics.

Hego US’ optical tracking software includes two banks of eight unmanned cameras set up high in the stadium at adjacent 35-yard lines. The cameras track all moving objects and technicians identify and tag players by number. SMT's system then assists with the tagging of players and provides the tools and technology to generate graphics such as pointers, discs, and player trails in-scene live during the play and in replay.

Once on-screen, the effects remain until removed, enabling analysts to quickly point out a particular player and follow him throughout an entire play. Additional information, such as statistics and speed trails can also be inserted into graphics on the field.