Broadcast Services

SimulCam™ & Stromotion™

The Olympic Games generate a palpable excitement for sports of all kinds, but SMT delivers products that bring even more intrigue to the Games. StroMotion™, a Dartfish developed system, is based on stroboscoping, a means to analyze rapid movement so that a moving object is perceived as a series of static images along the object’s trajectory. A gymnast’s vault performance can be pared down to the key changes of motion so viewers can see the whole performance in just one frame.

It’s an excellent tool for other fast paced performances, like diving for instance, when just a few seconds can determine who wins the Gold. Broadcasters have a great resource for breaking down the action into bite-sized pieces for interesting analysis and effective critiques.

When a skier is making their way down a hill, we often only know the time they have to beat in order to advance or medal. With SimulCam™, also a Dartfish built product, two athletes can be overlapped into a single replay so the audience can compare their approach, study their form, and even identify a minor flaw that can keep one of them off the podium. SimulCam™ is a video processing application combining video sequences with Spatial-Temporal alignment. Given two video sequences, a composite video sequence can be generated which includes visual elements from each of the performances that are suitably synchronized and represented in a specific focal plane. For example, with two video sequences that each show a different contestant racing the same down-hill course individually, the composite sequence can include elements from each of the given sequences to show the competitors as if racing simultaneously, often side-by-side.