Broadcast Services

Virtual Effects

Virtual Pylons and Pit Stall Badges illustrate the physical position of the pit stalls, restart line, and the pit outline on the track. Up to three pit stall badges can be displayed at once to give commentators many options to tell the story of the race. The restart pylon transitions from green to yellow when the flag status changes to give clear indicators of what is happening on the track. Pylons are also used for road courses to display turns so SMT graphics and data can be seen throughout the entirety of the race.

VIP “Video in Perspective” Virtual Billboard render over grandstands is available to help enrich the broadcast by showing great passes or making it easy to bring audiences back into the action from commercials. Highlights of the race can be shown or a director may prefer to use VIP as an opportunity to present VCAM, which uses SMT’s calculated telemetry and GPS to render a virtual representation of the race with updated sponsorship skins and realistic depictions of the cars in the race. The same technology also helps digitally place virtual restart markers and corner markers to help the talent connect with the audience while discussing the track.