Broadcast Services

Storyline Graphics

SMT’s collected data can also be delivered in other graphic forms that allow comparisons between drivers, like the 2D telemetry element Dual Points Position that displays the real-time points ranking of any two cars and gives extra sponsorship opportunities.

There’s also a Dot Racing/Track Map option that shows a track map with scaled car number badges as they go around the track in pursuit. This graphic can translate SMT data like the leader position on the track, car position on the track, real-time rank, time behind the leader and more so viewers can get a lot of information in a bite sized form.

SMT’s Pit Stats data, which includes the number of tires changed, time of each tire change, jack movement time, and overall pit stop driver and crew times are delivered in several graphic formats that add drama and insight to what happens in the pit. This includes the popular Race Off Pit Road graphics showing positions gained and lost and tires changed, as well as individual driver details.

During the qualifying broadcast, SMT’s graphics make the show exciting and keep the audience engaged. The qualifying line lets the viewer know where in the lap the driver is in relation to the leader so really the generated line is the show.

SMT’s technology estimates and illustrates fuel mileage and how empty or full the tanks are at any given time. The suspense of what is happening inside the car is not always obvious to an audience so visuals like a gas graphic help keep the tension palpable.

Innovative new graphics showing the cat and mouse chases between drivers adds new drama to the broadcast. The chasing the leader graphic can be illustrated by a double pointer that shows how many feet and inches separate two cars, or a projection graph that helps demonstrate how quickly a driver can surpass the leader.