SMT's most advanced sports tracking system ever created, RACEf/x®, has revolutionized motorsports broadcasting, and has become an integral component of each NASCAR Sprint Cup Race. The RACEf/x system uses patented technology and global positioning system (GPS) satellites to track cars under extreme circumstances with fantastic accuracy. The system tracks 43 cars, traveling in excess of 180 MPH, five times per second in order to create a complete digital record of the race. While delivering a broad array of visual effects for television, as well as data for other applications, RACEf/x allows fans to easily identify their favorite drivers on television, with additional opportunities to customize their experience when following the race on the internet, Pay-Per View, or a wireless device.

The on-board GPS system, via a “black-box,” captures all telemetry and positioning (speed, acceleration/deceleration, time behind leader, exact car position within 4cm, RPM, brake indicator, throttle percentage) and creates a digital record of the event in real time. A car cannot compete in an official NASCAR Sprint race if the “black-box” is not installed so it’s fair to say that RACEf/x has become a crucial tool for both enjoying and understanding a race since it reveals so many important details of the event that would otherwise go unnoticed.