Broadcast Services


As a part of the RACEf/x® System, live position and performance data is designed for on air presentation, and broadcasters are offered the ability to add pointers, arrows, and bubbles that move in real-time with the cars to easily inform the audience and help them follow the race at home.

The 3D pointers can be customized to include everything from the driver’s last name, car number badge, headshot, current position, manufacturer, ), RPM (0-9,000+), seconds behind leader, position driver started race, position driver restarted, current points position, real time current points, black flag, and lucky dog status.

This tool gives broadcasters a great, quick visual that encompasses the most important data of the race as it is happening. The size and breadth of the graphic can depend on whether a car is in race or on the pit road so there is an extra element of control for the show’s production.

Pointers have become an expected part of the motorsports broadcast and have even been featured in the Pixar blockbuster Cars, which gave a huge audience a fun portrayal of one of America’s most popular sports. For a real, live event though, the precision of the pointers is unmatched with military grade GPS which allows SMT to track cars within 2cm of accuracy.