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SMT's Motorsport products capture the full breadth of the racing experience and translate hard data into intriguing visualizations. The RACEf/x® tracking system identifies and records key elements of the race so fans can become active participants whether at home, on the go, or at the track.

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Real-time Pointers and other Information Graphics successfully direct the audience’s attention allowing a smooth broadcast with clear storylines and meaningful details of the race.  For events like Sprint Cup qualifying, SMT's precise qualifying line particularly gives people a convincing reason to watch. 

SMT's military grade tracking capabilities grants subscribers to products like NASCAR RaceView  and PitCommand real-time access to telemetry data in an interactive format.  As mobile access continues to determine how we experience and enjoy sporting events, Sportvision’s technology and data remains a key element to engaging mobile users.    For the analytical observer, the Car Chief application allows evaluation of what happens in the pit so users can have access to the full scope of each NASCAR Sprint Cup series race. 

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Broadcast Services
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Broadcast Services
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Broadcast Services
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Digital Media
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