SMT offers a Virtual Caddy system which enables golf analysts to draw directly on the green or fairway and illustrate different elements of play such as landing zones, putting accuracy, slope, and contour of the course. This technology provides powerful visual insights into player performance by inserting highlighted areas directly into the video, making it easy for an audience to follow along and isolate key sections of the course. An offshoot of the GOLFf/x System, the Yardage Book consists of a series of graphic effects that allow the golf broadcast analysts to illustrate information and tell stories by inserting the graphics and relevant ShotLink data, the official real-time scoring system for the PGA TOUR, into the broadcast. Graphic effects include illustrations such as how a golfer played a hole on the previous day; how a hole should be played incorporating wind factors, pin placement, yardage markers and landing zones; and shot charts revealing location of tee shots, birdies, bogeys and how the leaders played a specific hole.

Other products include the Emmy-Award winning TOURCast viewing application previously featured on, which enabled subscribers to view real-time data of golf player action. SMT also has the technology to provide annotated course flyovers that serve as an extra story telling aid for the broadcast. Sportvision's Golf Course Flyovers emphasize the personality of a golf course by identifying yardage points, danger zones, sloping fairways and false fronts on greens. Utilizing the latest in computer motion processing and 3D animation, SMT inserts these graphics in 3D space for an authentic feeling.