Broadcast Services

Player Pointers

Player pointers are the newest broadcast enhancement for football, previewing this year on NFL on FOX’s Sunday night football and in their college Football Game of the Week. Football uniform numbers are not always easy to see from the side, so partnering with FOX Sports and Hego US, Sportvision developed a graphics system that tells the viewer who’s who.

Leveraging and expanding on Hego US’s optical tracking technology, Sportvision enhances the tagging software and delivers graphic pointers live and during replay to help fans easily identify players, matchups, and more.

Live position and performance data for selected offensive and defensive players are presented via in-scene 3d pointers in real-time and in replay. The pointers can be customized to include everything from game statistics to season -- such as number of catches, rushing yards and tackles. They can vary in size and content based on the story being told.

Other enhancements such as player discs and speed trails are also featured during replay, to help broadcasters break down the play for fans.