Broadcast Services

NFL Combine

The NFL Scouting Combine is ultimately a very intense job interview, but during NFL Network’s exclusive broadcast, Sportvision has been able to bring excitement and insight to the program to keep an at-home audience interested and intrigued.

SimulCam™ is a key contributer to the Combine’s 40-yard dash coverage since it allows an immediate comparison between players in a situation where every second counts. Sportvision’s SimulCam™ technology can show the speed of the current runners as well as a graphic with the avg. speed, but the overlapping player footage allows analysis of the position, style, speed and trajectory of many different competitors for in-depth player analysis.

Sportvision’s PassTrack technology captures key data on a quarterback’s passes and illustrates the distance thrown, ball velocity, and time it takes the ball to go from the hand of the quarterback to the hands of the wide receiver. The NFL Network has used this system during the Combine to give their audience the opportunity to evaluate quarterback and wide receiver pass and reception workouts. Sportvision’s data and illustrative graphics makes watching passes a lot more interesting and valuable for player evaluation.