Broadcast Services

Virtual Advertisements

Marketers always want to put their brand close to the action, but Sportvision can put them into the game — literally. Virtual advertising is executed during game play when viewership is at its peak and fans are sharply focused on the game. A pitcher never sees the virtual image behind home plate when he's peering in at a hitter, but millions of fans at home do. With Sportvision's technology, branding is no longer limited to commercials during breaks in the action so a message isn’t lost with a viewer stepping away from the program or fast-forwarding a DVR recording. It stays at the forefront of their attention for maximized exposure and retention.

Virtual advertisement and insertion solutions can be customized for any sport, offering a cost-efficient and exciting remedy to ensure a product or brand message isn't overlooked or missed altogether. Sportvision provides multiple solutions for Virtual Advertising during broadcasts in real-time, including the precision of on-site systems as well as the convenience of in-studio streaming using PVI (Virtual Insertions) technology.