Broadcast Services

Storyline Graphics

Sportvision has adapted some of the same evaluation methods used by teams and created a broadcast friendly application that allows talent and production to go in-depth with never before metrics shown on-air. With the ability to access historical pitch and hit data dating back to 2008 as well as data updating live during the game, SCOUTrax™ storyline graphics give broadcasters and analysts the ability to present new and compelling storylines that keep fans more engaged with the action.

Integrating directly with production’s character generators via a simple and easy-to-use plug-in (Chyron, Lyric versions 7.1 and above), SCOUTrax generates broadcast-ready graphics on the fly for use in on-air storytelling.

Heat maps illustrate a hitter’s power zone based on a variety of statistics including slugging percentage, batting average and hit ball velocity. Pitches can also be shown from any at-bat relative to a hitter’s power zone.

Pitch arsenal graphics generated by PITCHf/x® classification system can be used for scouting reports showing a pitcher’s seasonal averages. They can also be split by in-game stats and be shown in different situations such as “ahead in the count” or “behind in the count” or pitching against left or right handed batters.

Dozens of graphics tables are also available including “Swing and Miss Rate”, ranking pitchers by the percentage of hitter swing and misses of total pitches thrown; “Most Break”, ranking pitch movement; “Fastest Fastball”, ranking pitchers by highest average fastball.