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MLB Gameday

PITCHf/x® data powers the MLB Gameday internet application allowing users to see pitch trajectory and location in real time for every game. It offers fans the opportunity to stay involved with their favorite teams throughout the season when they can’t be at the ballpark, but it even goes beyond what a typical fan experience involves.

In this exciting application available on, Sportvision’s pitch tracking technology helps illustrate the movement and break of each pitch so users will be able to view pitches in real time in a 3D environment. Gameday allows fans to navigate through the camera positions so they can choose their prospective and get a unique viewing of the pitches, all of which are tracked using Sportivision’s data – something you certainly can’t do when you’re at the game. Whether they want to see what’s happening behind the pitcher, behind the batter, or what it may look like for a fan in the stands, Sportvision’s data on Gameday gives users the opportunity to see the path of each pitch with unique clarity. The application also comes in a smaller sized option called Gameday Mini so users can still see PITCHf/x data come to life even while working on other tasks.

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