The HITf/x® service tracks and digitally records records data from the initial trajectory of hit baseballs, enabling new insights around hit ball quality and overall hitter performance. The technology builds upon Sportvision’s proven pitch tracking technology and expertise, and it provides an additional layer of baseball analysis for a more comprehensive evaluation of player performance. With this data, analysts will finally be able to review what happens after the ball leaves the bat.

The hit tracking system utilizes the camera and hardware infrastructure of Sportvision’s existing pitch tracking system. For each hit ball, Sportvision’s hit tracking algorithm captures the initial hit ball trajectory, providing a quantitative measurement of hit ball speed and velocity in three dimensions.

With hit tracking data, hit balls can be analyzed in several ways. The system collects data for the contact point, speed off bat, elevation angle, and field direction. Hit tracking data can also be correlated with pitch tracking data to analyze hit balls against a variety of pitch criteria, including pitch speed, movement, type, and location. Data can also be analyzed by venue, pitcher, batter, game situation, and other contextual information depending on need.