The FIELDf/x® service uses Sportvision's baseball technology to digitally record the position of all players and hit balls in real time. Never before has there been real, objective data on defense - which is considered the “Holy Grail” of baseball statistics. This system will revolutionize how teams evaluate players and how it is consumed by fans, since they are finally able to access concrete data on the field.

The sample graphic to the left was featured in Hardball Times Baseball Annual 2011 in an article co-authored by Hit Tracker's Greg Rybarczyk and Sportvision. It shows how FIELDf/x data can reveal quantitative defensive statistics, including the difficulty of a catch, the probability of a particular fielder making that catch, and a comparison of the True Defensive Range of all the fielders at once.

In conjunction with Sportvision’s pitch tracking and hit tracking technology, the data provided with FIELDf/x during any given play will offer a more complete understanding of how the ball interacts with players on the field. The careful coordination of live camera feeds and object-recognition software enables FIELDf/x to supply a digital record of player performance. A TV audience or digital subscriber can have real data translated into graphics to support or dispute a particular defenseman’s gold glove contention. With a quick comparison to the database, broadcasters and digital applications can illustrate the speed and path of an outfielder to a fantastic catch and demonstrate why a majority of the league would have no chance at that ball. The FIELDf/x system supports a comprehensive understanding of the game and its players and offers new ways to engage an at home or on-the-go audience.