1st & Ten® System

Winner of multiple Emmy Awards for technical achievement, the Virtual Yellow 1st & Ten® line system is a patented video overlay technology that creates the illusion that elements such as a yellow first-down line or a down and distance arrow is actually painted on the field, even allowing players to cross over and stand on them as if they are real.

Invented by Sportvision, now a part of SMT, and first introduced in 1998, 1st & Ten® allows viewers to see the required distance the offense needs to earn a first down for each play, making it an integral viewing component and powerful marketing vehicle within the broadcast. The technology can also be used to show the Line of Scrimmage in any color chosen by the broadcaster for an additional frame of reference, red zone graphics, and kicker percentages from different yard lines and to present virtual overlays such as video in perspective, virtual promotions and virtual jumbotrons in stadium.

SMT provides multiple solutions for the 1st & Ten® effects during broadcasts in real-time, including the precision of on-site systems as well as the convenience of in-studio streaming.